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Primary Documentation:

Other Documentation:

Primary Software:

Other Software:

Humdrum-Based Web Applications:


Online Papers Related to Humdrum:

Humdrum-related Courses:
  • Music 824: Computer Applications in Music Research, Ohio State University
  • Music 253: Musical Information: An Introduction, Stanford University
  • I545: Music Representation, Searching and Retrieval, Indiana University
  • ISE575: Engineering Approaches to Music Perception and Cognition, University of Southern California
  • CS281r: Topics in AI: Representation and Learning of Music, Harvard University

Other Humdrum Portals/Resources:

Unix Learning Resources:
  • Linux Training by Paul Cobbaut. (particularly chapter 4-6).
  • List of Unix command-line utilities on cd, grep, mkdir, mv, pwd, rm, sed, tail, uniq, wc.
  • Other Wikipedia pages related to Unix command-lines: shell scripts, pipelines.